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Jeannie D. Michalski

At the law office of Jeannie D. Michalski, we counsel parents about custody problems in a wide variety of situations: divorce, paternity and child welfare investigations related to criminal prosecution. Regardless of the cause, few legal issues generate greater anxiety for parents than actual or perceived threats to the parent-child relationship. If your divorce or other legal problem will affect your interests as a parent, contact us in Avon for answers to your questions and practical advice about your concerns.

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In a family court or divorce case, any disagreement between the parents as to legal custody or physical residence will be resolved by the court with the best interests of the children in mind. In other words, the convenience, preference or concerns of one parent or the other might be taken into account when everything else is equal, but you'll need to convince the judge that your way protects the child's best interests better than the opposing view.

We can advise you about the specific features of your case that will weigh most heavily in favor of one parent's position or the other. If past problems with substance abuse or family violence will undermine either parent's interest in regular visitation or joint physical custody, we can let you know. Our law firm's experience with criminal defense, family law and child protection issues means that we are able to address a wide range of the family problems that can come to light in contested child custody proceedings.

In some cases, parents just need advice about their rights and responsibilities, and a satisfactory compromise on the details of child custody and visitation arrangements will soon follow. In other situations, however, you might have legitimate concerns about the fitness of the child's other parent, and our lawyers can help you present those issues to the court in clear and persuasive terms. We also advise divorced or unmarried parents about the steps involved in modifying or enforcing existing child custody orders or parenting plans.

For more information about our approach to client service on parent-child issues in divorce and other contexts, contact Jeannie D. Michalski in Livingston County.