Drug Trafficking

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Defense Counsel for People Charged With Drug Trafficking

Drug distribution or trafficking charges typically come up in one of two ways: you're found in possession of a large enough quantity of a controlled substance to justify the assumption that you intend to sell it, or you're actually caught in the act of selling drugs like marijuana, cocaine or heroin to an undercover officer.

Either way, an arrest on a trafficking or distribution offense can expose you to the risk of a felony conviction. To learn how the counsel of an experienced attorney can help you build a sound defense based on the facts of your case, contact Jeannie D. Michalski for a free evaluation of your legal options.

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With offices in Rochester and Avon, we represent clients throughout Upstate New York on a wide variety of drug distribution, trafficking or manufacturing charges involving marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine or prescription drugs. Many of the cases we handle involve circumstances like any of the following:

  • Discovery of a large quantity of drugs during a traffic stop on a highway or city street
  • Seizure of drugs presumably held for distribution at a home, apartment or dorm room
  • Warrantless search of a residential unit through the consent of someone other than the defendant
  • Videotaped drug transactions set up through an introduction to an undercover officer
  • So-called "contract cases" where an arrested dealer is pressured to cooperate with the police in further sales
  • Drug trafficking or distribution cases involving child welfare issues or emergency foster care placement

As experienced criminal defense lawyers, we know how to protect our clients from the specific hazards that a drug trafficking case can present, especially when the police or prosecution is trying to get your cooperation in a continuing investigation. Our objective is to protect you from all of the risks you face, not only the legal ones.

Find out more about our ideas for developing and presenting your defense while keeping an eye out for any broader professional, personal or family issues that a drug arrest might involve in your situation. Contact Jeannie D. Michalski in Rochester or Avon.