Practicing Law in Avon, NY

Avon, New York is a town of about 7,100 people at the northern end of Livingston County, and it sits on the bank of the Genesee River. It shares a border with the Town of Rush in Monroe County, and it is where Jeannie D. Michalski has our main office. Although it could be described as a rural community because of the many family-owned farms, Avon is quite diverse. Barilla, Kraft, and Star Headlight & Lantern Co. all have production facilities here, and there is a stable base of well known, closely held businesses such as Peppermint’s Restaurant, the historic Avon Inn, the Genesee Valley Pennysaver, and the Vintage Drive In Theatre contributing to the economic vitality of the Town and Village. Avon’s local economy is remarkably diverse and strong.

Avon has both a Town and Village Justice Court, with three local judges and three court clerks who handle misdemeanor cases as well as felony arraignments and preliminary hearings for felonies. The courts are both located in the recently renovated Opera Block building, on the second floor, in a room that doubles as a large meeting room for town and board meetings. If you come during the day, you can sometimes get a clerk to take you on a tour of the third-floor opera house stage, which is still under renovation. The Avon Village police station is located across the street in a village government building that was built in 2011.

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For people who enjoy the outdoors, Avon also offers a number of parks to explore. The most prominent park is located at the very center of town, inside the large traffic circle. Not far away is Avon Driving Park, where shelters can be reserved for summertime parties. There is also the landmark Five Arch Bridge, 200 feet long and built of limestone in 1856, it still stands over Conesus Creek where the Genesee Valley Railroad used to cross with passengers and goods. One of Jeannie D. Michalski’s first DWI cases in Avon involved a defendant who was sitting in a car down by the Five Arch Bridge. His alleged BAC was .21, but we found holes in the prosecution’s case, and our client was offered a plea to the non-criminal offense of DWAI.

The Town of Avon was settled in the late 1780’s – just a few years after the Revolutionary War ended. Since then it has grown into a community with an unusually well balanced combination of a beautiful downtown, small businesses, industry to support a jobs base, and a very active citizenry. Jeannie D. Michalski opened an office in Avon because we love the village and all it has to offer, from the annual Corn Fest to the summer concerts held by Tom Wahl’s, and the deep sense of community fostered by St. Agnes School. We also chose Avon because of its location. Part of being a criminal defense attorney is traveling across the counties that you serve, because all criminal cases begin in local courts. Avon is centrally located between Rochester, Geneseo, Canandaigua, Batavia, and the dozens of local justice courts that lay between those county seats. Our office is located right on Routes 5 & 20, just two blocks from 390, making it is easy for you to get to us.

To make things more convenient for our Monroe County clients, we also have an office in Brighton, New York (right next door to Mario’s Italian Steakhouse), and we meet clients there regularly.

If you need a local lawyer to represent you in Avon Town or Village Court, call the attorneys at Jeannie D. Michalski. Our number is (585) 351-2500.