Practicing Law in Rush, NY

Prior to 1818, practicing law in Rush meant the same thing as practicing law in Avon. The Town of Avon was divided in 1818, with its northernmost section becoming the Town of Rush. The two towns still share a border on the line between Livingston County and Monroe County, and it only takes 11 minutes for the lawyers at Jeannie D. Michalski to get to Rush Town Court.

Rush has one of the smallest populations of all the towns in Monroe County, with just 3,400 residents as of the 2010 census. Nevertheless, Rush Town Court has two justices and two court clerks who oversee the docket and staff the office until about 1:30pm, Monday through Friday.

Because Jeannie D. Michalski is so close to Rush, our attorneys often receive calls for assistance from people facing DWI’s and other charges in Rush Town Court. Although the town may be small, it sits at the intersection of Routes 251 and 15A, about a mile from the 390 expressway. For anybody headed from Honeoye Falls, Mendon, or Victor to shop on Jefferson Road or at Marketplace Mall, they will almost certainly pass through Rush. The Rush Creekside Inn alone generates quite a bit of traffic on Fish Fry Fridays!

The Town of Rush has a shared school district with Henrietta, so there is a critical mass of families available to support the high standards set by our local school districts. In addition to offering Advanced Placement classes for college credit, Rush-Henrietta Senior High School also has a Mock Trial Team for students interested in the law. Jeannie Michalski regularly volunteer to assist with mock trial tournaments in Geneseo, acting as judges and sometimes as advisors to student teams.

Practicing law in a small town can be quite a bit different from appearing in a court where dozens of people line up to pass through a metal detector before they can get into the courtroom. Although the atmosphere can seem more relaxed, the charges facing our clients are no less serious. The lawyers at Jeannie D. Michalski may take a less formal approach when discussing cases with judges and prosecutors in these situations because we may think that it will lead to a better outcome for you, but we always have our eyes on the end goal, which is seeing your charges dismissed, and when they cannot be dismissed, reduced.

Rush is also where Industry Residential Center is located. Industry is a secure facility where boys between the age of 10 and 17 who have been adjudicated juvenile delinquents are placed. There are educational, religious, and therapeutic facilities for the boys who are placed there. They have beds for 20 sex offenders as well as beds for 10 boys in the mental health unit. The attorneys at Jeannie D. Michalski are very familiar with industry, because our practice integrates criminal law and family law.

If you or your child is facing a criminal charge, a DWI, or any other charge in Rush Town Court, or Family Court, please call Jeannie D. Michalski at (585) 351-2500. We offer free consultations for DWIs, criminal charges, andpersonal injury matters, and we would like to help you and your family.