Students and Juveniles

Defense Counsel for College or High School Students

Criminal cases against young people in New York State can present some unique challenges for the defense. The attorney defending a university student or juvenile must not only find the best ways to avoid the worst consequences of a conviction, but must also keep in mind the client's interest in protecting future academic, employment or professional licensing opportunities.

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At Jeannie D. Michalski, our lawyers keep an eye on each young client's long-range interests while finding the right approach to such criminal charges as drug possession, DWI, or underage alcohol offenses. For some offenses, we can realistically hope to achieve results that will keep your record clean, such as an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal on a first-time drug charge. In other situations, hard negotiations with the prosecution can lead to significantly reduced charges and lighter consequences.

Our goal is to present a strong enough defense to make the prosecution consider dropping the charge to avoid the risk of losing in court. The defendant's decisions become difficult when there's only an uncertain chance of doing better before a judge or jury than the prosecution's best offer.

Our goal as defense lawyers is to give the prosecution as much reason as we can to doubt the strength of the case against you. That way, we develop leverage toward dismissal or attractive plea arrangements while we're defending you. We also try to minimize the likelihood that an arrest will lead to future disqualification for student loans, undergraduate or graduate studies, competitive employment opportunities or entry into licensed professions.

With offices in Rochester and Avon, Jeannie D. Michalski represents student defendants in drug cases, drunk driving charges and other offenses throughout Upstate New York. Contact us at either of our locations for additional information about your defense options.