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Livingston and Monroe County Child Support Lawyers

Resolving Child Support and Spousal Maintenance Issues

In a divorce case, getting a grip on the specifics of child support and alimony will be one of your first practical tasks. At Jeannie D. Michalski, our lawyers advise clients about their basic rights and responsibilities with respect to support issues. We also consider whether any special considerations in your case will justify raising or lowering guideline child support payments, or whether either spouse's circumstances will require a distinctive approach to alimony issues.

Contact us in Avon for legal advice about establishing support obligations, modifying them to meet changed circumstances, or enforcing support orders in default. We understand that general rules won't cover all cases, and we know how to highlight the facts of your case that can support an outcome that fits your needs.

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The law office of Jeannie D. Michalski advise mothers and fathers about child support problems related to divorce or paternity cases under New York law. We can let you know what the state guidelines say about your monthly payment based on income and the number of children to support. If there are any special facts in your case that would justify an upward or downward adjustment to the guideline amount, we can present your position in court if we can't convince the other parent to accept it.

Dependable Counsel on Spousal Maintenance Problems in New York Divorce

Alimony, or more technically, spousal maintenance, is a more flexible concept than child support under New York law. You can't assume that maintenance will automatically be awarded in a given case, and the law provides a long list of factors that should be taken into account if the spouses can't agree as to the payment or amount of alimony. For the moment, it's enough to know that the main factors involve the length of the marriage, the receiving spouse's actual need for support, and the financially stronger spouse's ability to pay.

In most cases, spousal maintenance issues are resolved in the same negotiations that cover property division issues. Maintenance can be temporary or permanent, paid in a lump sum or monthly installments, or targeted toward such needs as job training or completion of a degree. A prenuptial agreement can also affect a spouse's rights or obligations with respect to alimony.

Advice About Modifying or Enforcing Child Support or Spousal Maintenance

As well as advising divorcing spouses or unmarried parents about support issues when the obligations are coming into existence, we also represent people who need advice about the modification or enforcement of support and maintenance orders. Contact Jeannie D. Michalski to learn more about our lawyers' ability to help you.